The coin purse

She was just a baby when her glistening eyes first be held her mama’s purse. She admired it. Mama was always receiving coins of many values from those who came in and out of her life. 

It wasn’t long before the little girl was handed her first purse. She was five, and felt so grown up. She slung it over her danty shoulder and pranced down the sidewalk. She smiled, feeling sure that coins would be coming her way.

And they did… It started with her mamas friends. They came by her house in droves with coins and compliments. Her little, simple purse was full now and she liked the weight of it. It felt good… Good and heavy.

On her first day of kindergarten she dressed herself proudly. She made sure to grab her purse. Mama put her hair in a French braid, “You look so pretty baby girl.” She kissed her daughters cheek and slipped a coin into her purse, “For good luck!” She said with a smile. 

School was full of mixed emotions. At recess, some boys began picking on her, she tried to ignore them, but then one of them reached in purse and took several coins. She fought back the tears and stood there frozen in silence. She had been violated.

She ran back to classroom and was met by her new teacher. She had kind eyes and a welcoming smile. After some consoling words, she pulled out a shiny silver coin. “I want you to have this. It’s got me through some tough times and I know it will help you too.” The teacher said slipping the special coin into the little girl’s purse.

The weight of the silver coin replaced the weights of less valuable coins that had been taken.  The girl felt whole again.

Years passed as they do. The coins came and went. Friends would give them and friends would take them away. Boys would place many precious coins into her purse and then just as fast reach in and grab more than they contributed. They would leave her empty. 

Many times it wasn’t even real coins that were given. Sometimes they would slip in arcade tokens or crumpled foil shaped disks. They weighed almost nothing.

One boy grabbed the purse altogether, snatched the coins and discarding it on the ground.  The terrible incident left her purse damaged. When she went to pick it up, she realized it now had big hole in the bottom. She was heartbroken.

Life went on. The coins would still come, but seemed to slip through before she could assess their worth. She needed more and more to fill her purse and make it feel full. It was an insatiable quest, with a never ending void.

Then that day came. She was on her hands and knees gathering what little coins had just slipped through. He spoke quietly from behind her, “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

“Oh… no I just dropped something, its fine.” She grinned and went back to gathering.

He knelt down beside her and look into her eyes, “Those coins are never going to be heavy enough.”

She laughed under her breath, “Um, well… they’re all I got, so they’ll have to do.” She looked back and forth and quickly picked up her stuff. She hoped he wasn’t trying to take what she had left. 

“I’m not going to take your coins. I actually wanted to give you something.” He said holding up his hands to show good intent.

“I’ve been given lots of coins by men, and they always end up taking back more than they gave.” She said with a hardend glare.

“I’m not like them… and what I have to give doesn’t go in a bag. Everyone tries to fill their purses with worth from other people, but it’s a flawed system. And I see your purse is damaged as well, so how’s that working for you?”

“Yeah well, it is what it is.” She smirked.

“Doesn’t have to be…. Give me your purse and I’ll give you a treasure far more valuable than anything you’ve ever had in there. What I have is a true reflection of your worth and your weight in my eyes.” He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out large solid gold nugget. 

Her eyes sparkled and then a puzzled look washed over her face, “But, I need my purse to hold it? How will I carry it? And what if someone tries to take it? My purse is broken!” 

“It doesn’t go in a purse. It goes in a place no one can ever take it. It’s the safest place.” He said with a nod.

“Where does it go?” She wondered.

“In your heart, where it can never be stollen or be lost. In your heart, my gold belongs. To always remind you that you don’t need the reassurance and coins of men, you only need the weight of love.”


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