Rainbows and Unicorns

On occasion, my hubby has been known to to say, “Life is not all rainbows and unicorns.”🌈🦄 (Loved that both those emojis were available!)😜

And of course, I know this. But, it doesn’t stop me from striving and expecting life to be easy and “feel good.”

My daughter is obsessed with drawing unicorns! Every day when she unloads the crumbled treasures out of her kindergarten backpack, I find at least 1-2 unicorn portraits. Always different colors and styles, but none the less a horn is included and a SMILE!

This particular unicorn picture, gives us the perspective that even being a mythical magical creature, doesn’t make things perfect! She’s a little overweight, and definitely has some “cankles”! But despite those issues, she’s rocking a rainbow coat and a winning smile.

We can learn something from this gal! What if we embraced our weaknesses, challenges and uncomfortableness? (Whew that’s a long word! But, what a good word!) So much about life can be uncomfortable! But, it’s not a bad thing, it’s actually where we grow and bloom. If we anticipated that difficulties and set backs in life are normal, we could go through them without overreacting. 

I’m sure this unicorn has her insecurites, and I’m sure she struggles huddling rainbows. But, she’s the star of her own life! 

Although my hubby doesn’t always entertain my fairytale notions, he does something better. He makes me laugh! He helps me to not take things so seriously. 

And that can be magical!🌟


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