Where to Begin?

This morning as I went for a “wog” (walk/jog), I was struck with the sense of needing to take my writing to a therapeutic level. I’ve been struggling over the last couple weeks with the fear that my OCD, anxiety & depression are trying to return. Which of course puts me in a state of panic.
My stride and thoughts were interrupted with moments of trying to yank my yoga pants back up to my waste. Sometimes the hardest part of exercise is getting comfortable enough to follow through. It seems that either my pesky bra strap or inching up soccer shorts are going places I just don’t like. As it was today, my pants continued to slip down to a saggy crotch level whenever I got a good pace in my jog.
(So totally off the subject, but still related…a lady in Walmart today caught me doing a full pull up on my leggings. It was quite the scene! She chuckled and commented that there were cameras everywhere! I just laughed. I really must have a problem with my clothes fall off! Maybe because my butt is so darn flat?!

All of sudden it seemed clear, between all the rearranging of my active wear clothing. I needed to blog. To chronicle my journeys through mental illness, vent my emotional & relational ups and downs and share my victories and challenges. I want it to mean something! Something more than just overcoming for myself. I want to help other women who agonize in their minds, hearts & marriages. To be a voice of hope and honesty. To share my pain, so they might find purpose.
God is my ever present help in time of need. His love is what calms me and makes sense of things I can’t understand. I believe He has given me a voice and a vision. And I hope others will join me as I share my vulnerable moments, I hope they will be lifted up and know they are not alone.
And maybe we’ll laugh a little as well….. Sometimes the journey comes with saggy crotchety yoga pants, and that’s ok.
We’ll yank them up together…


2 thoughts on “Where to Begin?

  1. Love this… you’re still the same beautiful soul I met in college. You still make me laugh:) you be dat voice guh, do ya thang! You still slaying all these years later. Love you!


    1. Thanks Mandy!!! Can I call you that?!? Lol..😜 We’re both creative spirits… but we know there are two sides of that coin. I appreciate your support! Keep pulling up those yoga pants!


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